Fujitsu S1300 Usage mobile


i am wondering if i should get myself a Fujitsu S1300 or a S1500. I am wondering how many of you DTP/DTPO users are using a S1300 and how many do use it in a mobile scenario? I am not sure if I would ever use it “on the road” considering its still not light. And if that’s the case, I can’t figure out what the advantages are over a S1500.

I would appreciate input regarding usage scenarios of the S1300.

thanks in advance,

“And if that’s the case, I can’t figure out what the advantages are over a S1500.”

Price? (In my case, more than two hundred of our English pounds…) :slight_smile:

Notwithstanding that, I have a 1500M. I figured that to get as close to paperless as possible, I would be scanning at my desk, partly because anything I picked up in my travels was unlikely to be bulkier than the 1300, and so I’d lose nothing by carrying the paperwork back to the office. And partly because true close-to-paperlessness - I believe - requires for efficiency regularly scheduled fast batch-scanning, with different settings of the Snapscan software for different types of document, rather than when-it-suits on-the-fly scans here and there.

For this purpose the 1500 is significantly faster than the 1300 (even the 1300i, I believe) and more convenient to use with a better automatic document feeder. In extremis, when on the move there’s always the camera or the smartphone.

i thought so too. but checking the current price of the 1500M reveals a different picture (thankfully :wink:. the 1500M is only 30 euros more expensive than the 1300… a difference i can stomach :wink:

apparently we share the same mindset. i also figured i would just carry the papers home to my super-fast 1500. i don’t need the paper digitalised on the spot. but maybe i am missing a brilliant use case of the 1300.

thanks for confirming my resolution :wink:

I am using the S1300 as I change my workplace often, from the office to a coffee shop to the table in our dining/working space. And I don’t have that much paper anymore so mobility is more important than speed for me :slight_smile:

got myself a 1500, let’s see how well it works with DTPO :wink:

thanks for the replies