Full screen and exposé in Lion

Running the last version of DTPO here ( on Mac OS 10.7.2 (“Lion”).

I was delighted to see that DTPO permits more than one windows to be open while running in full-screen mode. I invite you to try it yourselves: Activate fullscreen mode for the main DTPO window, then double click on any document in your database to open it in a dedicated window on top of the main window.

Whether this behavior is by accident or design, I cannot really tell. It certainly seems to contradict Apple’s practice (and perhaps guidelines?).

Yet it is wonderful behavior. I wish the Lion mail.app behaved the same way, for example. I use mail.app in fullscreen mode and, when composing a new email, I am unable to browse my other messages because the the “new message” window is not an independent entity.

The problem is that, in its ridiculous strategy of dumbing things down, has deactivated exposé for full-screen apps. As a result, any document windows opened on top of the main DTPO in fullscreen mode disappear the moment I click on any part of the main window.

Inaccessible though they may be, such document windows remain open behind the main (fullscreen) DTPO window: you may confirm this by clicking on the “Window” menu (or control-clicking the DTPO dock icon) where you can actually see a list of these document windows and even bring them back to the top.

If only “exposé” was available, the document windows would be readily accessible.

May I ask the developers if a workaround is conceivable? Perhaps an application shortcut emulating the functionality exposé within DTPO?

I also dislike Mail’s window behavior when composing a new message in full-screen mode. I’ve not found the behavior in DEVONthink to be limiting. I use the command-` on the US keyboard to rotate the open DEVONthink windows, and mouse/trackpad users can access any window via the Window menu.

But this keystroke combination is exactly what I was looking for (and had somehow forgotten after years of disuse). Thanks, Greg!