"FULL SCREEN" bullet point inserted into an RTF document

Hi everyone. I’m happily using DEVONThink 3 Pro 3.6.1 on a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15.7. The other day something weird happened. From within DEVONThink 3 Pro, I created a brand new (blank) RTF document within a group and I gave it a name. I then opened it. My DT3 Pro preferences enable double clicking of documents to open them externally, when I had double clicked this new RTF document it externally opened up in TextEdit. I then pasted the contents of my clipboard into the newly opened RTF document. The clipboard contents were that of a different RTF document previously saved in DT 3 Pro which included a bunch of bullet points for formatting. The weirdest thing happened: the contents I pasted into the new RTF included an inserted a bullet point with the text in all caps “FULL SCREEN”. I triple checked and there was no such “FULL SCREEN” bullet point in the original RTF document (stored in DT 3 Pro in a different group) that I had copied to the clipboard. I screen captured this apparent anomaly and annotated the screen capture in red (see attached). I also know with 100% certainty I did not manually type “FULL SCREEN”. The RTF document when it opened TextEdit from double clicking in DT 3 Pro was not full screen on the Mac, it was merely opened in TextEdit in a normal window size. Could this be a bug in DT 3 Pro? I haven’t been able to replicate it and it is semi worriesome if an app or process is messing with the contents of my documents. FULL SCREEN

As an aside, 3.6.3 is the current version; but the change logs don’t mention not pasting “FULL SCREEN” into RTFs :see_no_evil:

I have no explanation for the phenomenon; if I understand you correctly, the additional bullet point was appended or prepended to the other text you had copied, ie both texts were in clipboard? Do you use any sort of clipboard management software?

DEVONthink doesn’t change the contents of the clipboard actually when pasting. Are you able to reproduce this? Then additional details would be highly appreciated, thamks

Thank you for your quick attention to this, much appreciated. Yep, this “FULL SCREEN” bullet point was prepended or appended to the other rich text I had pasted from the clipboard into the newly created RTF document. I don’t use any clipboard management software, just good old macOS from Apple. Thanks for the heads up, I should upgrade to 3.6.3. I’m still on macOS Catalina as I want to see Big Sur mature some more before I make the move off of Catalina. Thanks for having a look at this unusual situation.

Thank you. I haven’t yet been able to reproduce this but if it happens again I will report it. I wouldn’t think DEVONthink would change contents of the clipboard so it seems peculiar. That said, there are several references to “full screen” in the DEVONthink documentation. I wonder, is there a keyboard shortcut which I may have accidentally typed when pasting the contents which would have automatically invoked an appending / prepending of this bullet point?

There are two services to append to plain/rich notes, see System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services.

Thank you! I just checked mine after you called this to my attention and there are indeed quite a few Keyboard → Shortcuts → Services enabled by default for DEVONthink 3 including an append for rich text. I can not rule out that I may have had some sort of “fat fingered” keyboard shortcut which invoked this. Thanks for calling this to my attention and the attention of the Community, as a relative newcomer to DEVNOthink, I learned something new about how powerful and customizable DEVONthink 3 is on macOS.