Full Screen -->Document-->Cmd F7

I am using the latest release of DTP 2.8.6 on a mac mini using a Apple Bluetooth keyboard. When I attempt to invoke the Full Screen Document view function by applying the Cmd F7 sequence, nothing happens. Is there a preference that must be checked before this will work?

Did you try holding down the Fn key as well? You might have to check the box that says “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” in the Keyboard system preferences panel.

It’s not a DEVONtech Preference. It’s an OS X one. Check out System Preferences > Keyboard.

Thanks for responding so quickly to my question. Both solutions work well, (fn, Cmd, F7, and checking the box in the OS preferences.

Thanks again.



No problem (and I just happened to have an unboxed Bluetooth Apple Keyboard laying here to validate my instructions before I sent them :smiley: )


Here I am having a similar problem when viewing Youtube videos and neither of the suggested solutions work. Full-screen is working fine with videos on, for example, the BBC news site but in Youtube full-screen will not work. Using Chrome browser they open fine in full-screen. (Attached my keyboard settings)