Full screen improvements

I’ve made a search on the forums for this and can’t find any reference, so…

I use the full screen option in Devonthink almost always, and constantly have to repeat the action of enlarging the text of articles downloaded from the web in rtf format for reading (and also make highlighting easier), then restoring to default to store in original size for any printing and easier scanning in, say, ‘see also’ mode.

Not that big a deal, but it’s irritating over time, especially when comparing to the vastly superior fullscsreen options in the writer’s editor, Scrivener, which allows for various changes while in that mode and also remembers the settings on reload. It really is something to see and use.

I’d like to request such improvements in Devonthink fullscreen mode.


Hello, first post here! :smiley:

I very much agree with richo. I too use full screen option a lot while doing research and reading articles. As a MD, I have organized hundreds of articles, PDF documents as well as my own writing for some time, all of course which are organized in DT. While reading and reviewing articles and texts, the full screen mode makes it harder to get distracted from other elements in the user interface. It would be even better with decent zoom controls.

As richo points out in his post, Scrivener has achived a near perfect full sreen interface, and I would have given a lot to have something like that in DT.

So, with this I join richo in his request for a fuller, more usable, full sreen interface.


Just being able to select a specific font size multiplier or something for rich text documents to use in full-screen would make me a happy camper :slight_smile: