Full screen landscape display

I use DTTG mostly in landscape mode as that matches the aspect ratio of many of my documents. However, because of the permanent presence of the side panel, the effective area of display in this mode is only about 5.5 x 5.5 inches. compared with the roughly 7.5 x 6 in portrait mode. To make the most of the iPad screen size, it would be great if there was either (a) a button on the menu bar for displaying the item in full landscape size, or, less preferably, (b) a default display similar to portrait mode in which the folder list is pulled down from the menu bar.
Would this be possible please?

+1 Definitely could use this.

Well, Apple does not do this and there are some other, very important features on our list that we would like to implement before. But, noted :slight_smile:

Thanks, it would be appreciated. Not sure that I understand the comment “Apple does not do this” though. Yes, Mail retains a sidebar in landscape format, but all the iWork apps have a full screen button on the menu bar to make the most of screen real estate.

I don’t know what Eric was referring to specifically, but what comes to mind is Apple’s iDisk app. The layouts in DEVONthink To Go and the iDisk app are very similar as the what the user sees in both landscape and portrait mode.

I also would like to see a full screen mode to view documents, since the current configuration limits the screen real estate. for example, mekentosj Papers for iPad allows you to view PDF files in full screen,and then you tap the full screen to bring the sidebar listing all items in the database. something along these lines would be extremely useful. Thanks!

P.S. Dropbox’s interface for viewing docs full screen would also work well for Devonthink To GO. One simply presses an arrow that opens the document up full screen and then press another arrow to return to the list of items in the database. This would be easier to implement since the layout is very similar to Devonthink To Go.

Picking up on this topic, I’ve noticed a little problem with landscape/portrait ever since I updated to DTTG 1.2.

Before I updated to 1.2 whenever I would open a pdf file it would automatically fill the screen if the ipad was held in portrait mode. But after the update when I hold the the pdf display in portrait mode it is shrunk to the same aspect ratio as the landscape display. (i.e. the picture is the same size in both portrait and landscape mode, even though in portrait mode the sidebar is still not shown).

While I appreciate the consistency of this new configuration, it’s inconvenient to lose that default portrait mode. (I should note, the pinch-zoom option is still there, but needs to be readjusted with each new pdf displayed).

Is anyone else having this problem? Was this an intentional change on DTTG’s part or was it just an unforeseen accident? Are there any plans to allow an adjustable default setting for portrait/landscape display for the next update? And if so, when is that likely to happen?


Not seeing this here. PDFs zoom fill the screen in portrait mode, zoom to fill the width of the pane in landscape. Are you using 1.2.1? What device, iOS version?

I’m using 1.2.1 and just upgraded to iOS 5

I don’t believe I’ve seen this, either. However, we changed the mechanism for displaying PDFs (should work better with large PDFs), and it’s possible that is affecting this. Do you have any screenshots that would show the issue?

Regarding portrait/landscape display, are you thinking specifically for PDFs or for every document?

Hi - I have been a DevonThink To Go user for several years, and find it invaluable for reading pdf’s on my iPad.

However, being an old, retired dinosaur, my eyes often times find switching to landscape mode helpful…slightly larger text. Alas, in DT To Go, this does not work since the “menu bar” cannot be removed…

I see that others have had this problem, going back a couple of years.

Please let me know when a feature to accomplish this will be added.

My other option, which I would prefer not to use, is to switch to another pdf viewer on my iPad that will allow me to view documents in full landscape.

Please help me remain a loyal DT fan!

Best regards,