Full Screen Mode

I have been looking at diary or journal applications as I like some of the features specific to these programs such as being able to click on a calendar to bring up a page with that date as header or having entries automatically put in a monthly folder or being able to encrypt individual files and folders.

One thing that I really liked about MacJournal is the full screen mode with its own preference panel to set zoom, margins and appearance. I would really like to see this in DEVONthink as it makes such a difference.


Thanks for the feedback! The full screen mode will be improved but probably not by v2.0, v2.x is more likely.

Would like to second the request of rickb for a more customizable full screen mode. Scrivener’s full screen options currently set the standard for me. I am happy to wait for v2.x of DEVONthink if things are going in this direction.


I’ll second that. The way to set margin/text size is a joy. Not forgetting the live words/chars count :slight_smile:

Gladly waiting for any v2.x adding this feature :wink: