Full screen

I use the full screen mode of Ulysses (http://www.blue-tec.com) for most of my fiction writing, and I was very pleased to find a full screen mode in DevonThink Pro. Unfortunately, the settings do not seem to work. No matter what background color or font color I choose, DTP does not use them. One of the advantages of full screen, is that a light font over a black background is much easier for the eyes.
In addition, it would be useful to be able to increase the line spacing in full screen mode.
So, my question is, what am I doing wrong?

The options for font color and background color work only with plain text documents, not rich text documents. One can make the display look like an old DOS display, which makes me shudder. :slight_smile:

Try setting line spacing while in normal view, vie the Tool Bar options. I suspect these will hold in full screen mode.

Yes, it works great in text mode. Thanks.

When I used to work with DOS, I longed for a windowed environment, and nothing --from Windows 1.0 to Mac OS 9-- satisfied that longing; until I stumbled upon OS X. Now, I want to type with a DOS-like screen. :confused: