Fun way to search DTPO with browser and Launchbar

I was just messing around with Launchbar and DEVONthink, and discovered a very cool way to search DTPO quickly.

First, you have to configure and turn on the built in web server in DTPO, then open the URL to the server, set your preferred search options – I chose search: all, operator: all words, and comparison: nocase, then enter the word “test” in the search field, and click search. Copy the URL and paste into your favorite text editor, then replace “test” with “*” to get the URL ready for Launchbar.

Once prepared for Launchbar, the URL looks something like this:

Then open Launchbar and go to the Configuration Menu and choose “Open Configuration.” Once there, select the Index tab and click on “Search Templates (UTF-8)” in the left hand (explorer) window, and click the add button. Name the search template (mine is named “Search DEVONthink”), and paste in the URL you prepared as above. Save your work and close the configuration windown in DEVONthink.

Now invoke Launchbar and type “sede” for search devonthink, the template you just created will be available and you can arrow down to it if necessary and select it by hitting retun, type in your search text and hit enter. DEVONthink web interface comes up and the search is performed displaying the results in the browser. Select your choice from the results and items like text and rtf files are displayed inline in the browser.

Long explanation, but it produces a lightning fast search.

So, why do this???

This can be very cool if you setup DTPO and the built-in web server on a home machine, then forward the DTPO port on your home router to the machine, and then use your IP address or a dyndns URL to access your DTPO database from work, etc., using your laptop or a work desktop with the above setup.

If this makes sense and sounds cool, try it. If not, ignore me and move on :slight_smile:


ps - Launchbar can be found at:

Thanks for this tip. It’s quite handy. I’ve already made several Launchbar search templates for some of the searches I use.

Hi Bill, Are you using this search method with DTPO 2 and LB 5? I am just evaluating LB 5 and would love to know that it works nicely with DTPO. I couldn’t find the video that you made - my guess is it was taken down quite some time ago. Are you aware of any good instructions on how to implement a search of DTPO via LB 5? Thanks very much, Keith