Function/script to generate an outline of tags tree and groups structure (and a solution is already there 7 years ago)

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I believe that this will be more a script job but hope that there will be a std script in menu doing just that in the near future:

Some users like me may plan to take the upgrading of 3.0 as an opportunity to re-organise their groups and tags structure. e.g. Which tags can now be replaced by custom metadata fields and ratings, or can be better distinguished by color, which groups can be indexed instead of import, etc. For me. I have organised my tags and groups to 3 or 4 levels down and that makes reviewing the full info structure difficult.

I hope experts in this forum or DT colleagues can help to make a function available for printing the tags and groups structures in a simple outline format. This will be of tremendous help in the upgrade and re-organisation process.

Many thanks in advance

p.s. I’m aware that there is already a function in script>export>listing that can print out the entire listing of groups and items within, or tags and items within. But for organising purpose, no item listing is required.

It turned out that the search only takes 5 mins (must be the 10th time I said this forum is a treasure). There is already a solution provided by Korm seven years ago (some very minor modification, such as the app’s name, might be needed) ! See Export a listing of any group and its children

BTW, perhaps I should have put this thread into scripting section. My apology.

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My databases from DEVONthink 2 work perfectly fine in v3. I don’t see a need to revamp or redesign anything with custom metadata replacing tags, changing to indexed structure, etc. Going forward with new databases — or significant additions to existing databases – sure, I’ll use the heck out of v3 features. I just don’t need to retrofit my data.

Don’t read this as a criticism. Redesign is sometimes useful.

Thanks for the reminder and agree very much with you.
Some other member has also kindly pointed out that every users are different and the assumption that multi-level tags and trees are common, or users may be looking for change immediately before/after the upgrade could be very wrong.
I am still seeking for a minimal but effective way of managing my info and perhaps are overly excited about this upgrade…!