Functionality Request: Scrollbar for new text items

I am using the latest version of DTTG on an iPad and finding it very useful.

I use the “New text item” function to write a lot of text notes. I usually type in landscape mode using the on-screen keyboard and the window doesn’t scroll when the new text gets close to the on-screen keyboard. The result? If I keep typing my new text is hidden underneath the keyboard.

It would be really helpful if you could include a vertical scroll bar in the new text item window.

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It’s a bug. See this thread:


I’m having the same problem. Hope the new release comes soon!


Thanks very much for your comment. Very helpful.


I have found that if I save the new entry when it gets to the critical length, leave it to look at another entry, then return to the new one it will scroll properly. Can’t say if it does this 100% as many of my text notes are short enough that I don’t run into the problem. But it seems to be a decent workaround for me.