Funny failed indexing updates + replication mess

Another chapter in my indexing saga, now with a humorous twist:

I have a local folder of PDFs indexed within DT (latest update) that is missing files even though it’s showing the correct number of files (via ‘Get Info’) as the source folder. To top it off, the two files I’ve recently read and can identify as missing are available in the replication of that indexed group within DT I’ve made a while ago, as an attempt to organize the >900 files into a folder structure (and have since given up on it, but haven’t trashed the replicated group yet).

What kind of witchcraft is this?
Did I lay my own bed by replicating an indexed group, and will my troubles go away if I trash it?
Or is there anything else I need to do to appease the indexing spirits?

Much obliged!


  • tried updating indexed items to no result
  • verified db and not a hiccup in sight

A screenshot of these items (ideally showing the Info inspector for each) would be great.

Well, I just went ahead, moved the replicated group to trash, emptied trash (only in the database) and voila, the two files appeared in the group where they were missed. All is well, but I’m guessing the lesson is: don’t replicate indexed groups?

Usually this shouldn’t cause any troubles, therefore screenshots would have been useful.