Futile request :)


Warning: This is a futile request

I’d like to have the little icons that you have in Safari when you scroll down a list of bookmarks with your mouse:

{{icon}} blablabla.com
{{icon}} somewebsite.net

Is this something we’ll have in a future release?

Please don’t scold me, I said this is a futile request :confused:

It sounds like you are talking about the favicons that also appear in standalone RSS readers and bookmark managers.

I don’t imagine it would be far-fetched technically to have it in DT, just maybe not a development priority.

Favicons, that’s it! I couldn’t remember how it’s translated in English.

It’s indeed a nice idea and will be supported by the next release (both by the “Go” menu and by the bookmarks drawer)

Woohoo :smiley: