Fuzzy search finds less documents than exact search

In DTP’s search window I search for All with the Fuzzy comparison unchecked using the (phrase) search string
DEVONthink finds two documents in my open databases.

Then I checkt the Fuzzy comparison and redo the search - now DEVONthink finds zero records, so less documents than before! That doesn’t look right to me: Fuzzy search should return at least all exact matches, or shouldn’t it?

What exact term in the phrase would be fuzzily matched?

Fuzzy matching isn’t going to look for something like “CMA RITUALS” instead of "THE RITES OF THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE”, just as it wouldn’t look for “stone” as a fuzzy match for “rock”. If I do a fuzzy search for “rock”, it could return docs with “Rick” or “dock”.

Jim, I think there is something else wrong. While a fuzzy search in your example could return Rick or dock, at a minimum it should return ‘rock’ and I believe that is the issue here. If I create a document with the search string that the OP has posted and do a fuzzy search, I still get the original search string in the results. The OP is not seeing that.

Thanks Greg for trying to clarify. :slight_smile: My problem is that none of the docs with the phrase in question are found when fuzzy is switched on.

The original docs were PDF+TEXT, but I have created a simple Markdown doc with the phrase and it shows the same behaviour:

  • With Fuzzy switched off, it is found.
  • With Fuzzy switched on, it isn’t.

@halloleo: Again… What exact term in the phrase would be fuzzily matched? Why are you trying to use a fuzzy match with a specific phrase like this?

The hubris in this thread is just unfathomable. The reason to use a fuzzy search with a specific phrase is to find terms that are not found in a specific phrase due to typos, similar phrases, differences in spelling due to British English vs. American English, etc. Why else would one choose the fuzzy option? Why can’t you answer the relevant question of why documents containing the specific phrase are no longer returned in the results once the fuzzy option has been checked? Does it seem so far fetched that the exclusion of the specific phrase when using the fuzzy search option may be a reason for concern?

The whole phrase should be fuzzily matched when I swich Fuzzy on. And I think it is reasonable to expect that at least the exact matches are returned with Fuzzy switched on and not less documents.

Looks like Fuzzy search is somewhat broken. Question is: Is that a general issue or is it due to some problems in my specific database (and its index)?

When searching for a specific phrase like this or the one given, you are requesting a match of the exact phrase. Some people expect a fuzzy match would match “USA” with “United States of America”. A fuzzy search of (unquoted): united states amerika would find the proper fuzzy match with America.

@halloleo: if the item isn’t found with fuzzy on, I’d suggest doing a Tools > Rebuild Database to see if it resolves it.