Fuzzy search for groups?

Is there a way to fuzzy search groups in the left sidebar?

Every time I want to sort an item into a group I first have to look for the group visually and drag and drop the item there.

When having over 400 different groups that really gets tiresome…

A fuzzy search on top of the bar would be very helpful since it would also keep visible only the filtered groups…

Have you noticed the “See also …” icon at the right sidebar? I append a screenshot. You’ll find suggestions of DT3 in which group the current document might belong. Maybe that helps.

  • Go > To Group and pull the popover away from the toolbar to float it
  • Data > Move > To Group
  • Search in the Sorter’s Navigation section and drag and drop to it
  • Drag and drop onto DEVONthink’s dock icon and use the group selector

Beautiful! It allows me to select multiple, drag’n’drop them to the one I want. Thanks SO much!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

The Floating Menu also helps!

Indeed! :slight_smile: