Fuzzy search, where art thou?

Simple question. I went to do a fuzzy search and the option isn’t in the Find dialogue any more. What’s up with that?

Fuzzy search has been discussed in several threads, and Christian has noted that a form of fuzzy search will be back in a future release.

If you are using the full Search window, clicking on the ‘Spelling’ button may display variants of the search term(s), possibly including alternative spellings or typos that would have shown up in the former fuzzy search result set.

Ahh, okay. Thanks. I hope it comes back soon!

It’s already working fine over here, it will be part of the next beta (plus the option to ignore diacritics/umlauts/accents).

Few things that I have read today have made me happier. This is a great boon to multilingual users. Thank you, DT team. :slight_smile: