FYI: Dropbox security

Just noticed this link on another forum:

Dropbox under fire for security concerns (

Decide to make it a new topic instead of posting in DT + Dropbox (Single Computer) so followup comments and discussion could be here.

Freebie clouds are worth every penny paid.

I’ve never been fond of the free + paid service model, which many “cloud” ones nowadays seem to offer.

That is worrying. The secure approach would be to do the encryption/decryption on the account owner’s computer, so that the Dropbox servers never see the keys or the unencrypted files. And that would be what you would assume based on their FAQ. I suspect that the problem with that approach for a cloud service is that encryption/decryption is computationally hard work. Not a problem for any modern desktop or laptop, but potentially very slow on an iDevice or other mobile gadget.


Looks like wuala by Swiss company LaCie is based on that approach.

Comes with iPhone and Android apps (iPad version in the making), a good old Java plugin for browser usage, a native Mac app and a plugin for seamless Finder integration.
It should perfectly fit the needs of Swiss bankers wanting to avoid open US clouds.

Brilliant. Wuala is exactly what I was looking for.

I truly loved the seamlessness of the Dropbox UI within OS X, but this P2P secure storage from Wuala takes the cake.

Lifehacker published a work-around for Dropbox encryption using TrueCrypt:!5794486/how-to- … to-dropbox