Gave it the college try, but now my files have been deleted

Ive really want to love this app, and in so many ways I do (and there is simply is no competition)… but there have been so many syncing issues between my two macs, and now my phone, numerous missing files (that are sometimes actually there, sometimes disappeared), spontaneous duplicate files, and now several full folders whose contents have vanished…(it was an indexed dropbox folder so I think I can recover them, but there’s no way I did this manually—I wasn’t even in those folders lately)… I’ve periodically updated indexed folders, verified and repaired, rebuilt, etc. but there are simply too many problems. All that said, I’m giving it a last attempt, but if I cannot trust my files wont disappear, then I can’t trust the system… if anyone can help me figure this out, I’d appreciate it… so far you all have been great, so it’s nothing personal, just frustrated.

Have you started a support ticket ?

No, but I’ll do that now. thx!

You’re welcome.