General feedback

I had not posted in some time, but I feel the need to express my satisfaction using the last few releases. I was concerned until about 1.7.1 about the stability of larger databases, but I’m happy to say that I have not run into serious problems in the last two releases. Meanwhile, DT (and DA, although I haven’t used it since the beta) seem to be evolving quite well in terms of features.

Thanks for the feedback. Although some of the latest public feedback might tell a different story, the databases of DEVONthink are actually quite stable (and will be even more stable in v1.7.3). Less than 0.5% of our users (not counting beta testers of course) experienced problems related to databases this year. And some of those problems were caused by corrupted file systems, some of them could be successfully repaired.

What we do not completely understand is that some users experience problems more than once. All test data we’ve received works fine over here and therefore there must be something special about their systems.