general import-options

Hey all,

How about a feature to import arbitrary files into DT Pro by using a plugin-like approach?
this would allow me to import at least those files, which are alreadily text/rtf, but are called different, e.g. some example code (I’m a computer science researcher…) which is plain text, but is not called “.txt”, but “.c”, “.pl” etc…
Another program I use called SuperCollider uses rtf-formatted documents, which are have a suffix “.sc” rather than “.rtf”…

any hints or suggestions about this?

It would also be very cool, if there where the possibility to import csv as a sheet, and not only to export it…
—> I now know howto do this:
just drag and drop it onto the DTPro window… :wink:

And of course I would like rtf-format in records… :wink:

have a nice day