General Inbox

Every time I use the General Inbox (for example via the Sorter) I finds that it has replicated several new Folders: e.g. Desktop-0, Desktop-1, Desktop-2, etc: also several folders named TEMPORARY.

I can move all these to Trash and no damage seems to be done, but it is strange and I would like to resolve the issue.

Thank you

  1. Quit DEVONthink.
    2 .In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.
  2. If you see the folders in here (and this is where they should be) you can safely delete them.
  3. Relaunch DEVONthink.
  4. If the folder is not there, then repeat starting at step 2 with this path: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter/Global Inbox

Dear Jim

Many thanks for this.

I’m afraid this suggestion does not work. I see that in ~Library/Application Support/ there is no folder for either ‘Devonthink Pro 2’ or ‘Devonthink Sorter’.

I see I have TWO ~Library folders., One is subordinate to Mackintosh HD, one to Mackintosh HD/System. But the ‘Application Support’ is found only on the first of these.



In the Application Support folder for your User account, there has to be these folders.

Make sure you didn’t include the period at the end of the sentence. the path is: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox

Thank you, this works.

Best wishes