Geolocation almost there?

First: Congrats - great upgrade!!
Geolocation is/was the only reason I am still also using Evernote. Got very excited that it’s now in Devonthink. Tried it and…alas, almost there but not yet useful: In the geolocation field, exact location coordinates resolve to a city (and loose the coordinates - unlike Evernote which stores the lat/lon data). A trailhead get ‘relocated’ to the nearest town. Not exactly helpful to find it again. OK, over to custom metadata. Added a (number) field for latitude and longitude. Entered the coordinates again and , darn, the number field reduces to three digits behind the decimal (and looses the remaining accuracy). Not accurate enough for field data! So close!!! Please add the capability to store 5 or 6 decimal number.


The coordinates are stored internally but for displaying, List view columns, searching, smart groups etc. the resolved location is used (e.g. to search for or sort by city or country).

The next beta will support 6 fraction digits.

great news!