Geolocation data questions and improvements

I see DEVONThink To Go 2 stores at least some location data. Currently it may show some street address if you are in a city and you have internet access. When I tested just a while ago, it said the geolocation is “Helsinki” which may be useful information in future, but not as much as it could be. When travelling or hiking, one of my favourite aspects of Evernote was that it stored the exact geolocation, and you could just jump exactly to that place on map. For instance, I could write a quick note maybe with a photo, such as “water”, “store with these shoes” or “this great hotel”, and I could later go to the exact same place without taking further note taking.

It would be nice if DEVONThink in all versions stored and showed the exact geolocation, and provided a link to open the location for instance in Apple’s Maps. I can’t see a way to see the geolocation in MacOS version of DEVONThink either. Is geolocation synced between devices currently?

I hope the geolocation functionality gets improved, since it’s exactly this kind of automatic data collection that makes modern note taking software more convenient than for example the pen and paper alternatives.

Also, it’d be nice to have the Evernote importer to store the geolocation data, if DEVONThink now supports it. I’d like to import travelling notes from Evernote to DEVONThink, but I don’t want to lose the geolocation data.

The geolocation is synchronized but not yet used on the Mac.