German Manual


I do understand the english manual, but I’d get much more if it was in german.

Devon tec. is in fact a german company, isn’t it? So, can I hope for a german manual?

Best, Matze


DEVONtech is actually a german company but first we have to completely revise the manual before writing a german manual (hopefully the localized manual/help will be available in Q2 or Q3). But if there are any questions, you could of course write emails to our support address.

Hi Shireen,

thanks for replying. I will try to use the english-speaking forum when asking questions, but thank you for your offer.

DT looks as if one could use it for loads of different purposes. I’d appreciate if some scenarios/examples of how to use DT could be found in that german manual.

I assume, that a more detailed and exemplary manual would many more people convince of the strength of DT.

Once upon a time, when Nisus Writer has been a wonderful app. there was The Nisus Way by Joe Kissel, which was a tutorial to NW. Without it NW never had made it that far.
Maybe DT should create a manual that teaches how to use the database, especially in connection with DA. At least for me DT/DA would reveal their secrets…

Best, Matze