german version?


is there a german version available of the software?

I can see from the online store that you can select different languages, but I am not sure whether this just reflects on the currency you get on the invoice, or if the product is really offered in different languages.

Can I set the language from within the software? If not, how do I switch to german? The download sections only seems to have one language to download.


There are several language localizations built into DEVONthink, and there’s a localization for German, so that the menu items, etc. are in German. If your Mac is set up with German (Deutsch) as the primary language, DEVONthink will automatically localize to your language.

At this time there are a limited number of language localizations — DEVONtechnologies is a small company and creating good localizations requires time and resources. For similar reasons, user documentation is only available in English.

Is there any know german documentation or screencasts?

I have a couple of students here, who could really use the software, but their english is not as polished as it could be.