Get info anomaly

Here’s an odd one.

If I select a document and click the circle-I info button on the toolbar, I get the expected pop-down window showing the item’s info.

Horizontally resizing the DT window, making it narrower, to the point the circle-I button gets dropped out of sight causes an issue.

I can click the >> button to see the Info option, but clicking it doesn’t display anything. At that point, the Info option shows gray on subsequent clicks of the >> button.

Widening the DT window out enough to show the circle-I button shows it’s gray, and it doesn’t do anyting. Tools->get info is also not usable.

The only way to revive get info, at least as far as I’ve found, is to exit DT and restart the app.

Note that the info window displays to the left of items in the inbox. Once info has gone mute for dropping down from the menu bar, it won’t pop out anything to the left of an inbox item, either.

I can upload a screen cast if it would help.

Could this be related to the focus issue regarding formatted notes?

DT 3.6.1, MacOS 11.1, late 2015 iMac. Yeah, one of the old ones. My kids give me grief about the tail fins on my DeSoto, too. Go figure.

Thanks for the bug report, the next release is going to fix this.

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