get Markdown doc to reflect changes in local style sheet

I am experimenting with Markdown documents, and have created a style sheet for them that is contained in my DT database. The style sheet is linked to the markdown using the "CSS: " line plus the DT item link. This works well.

However, if I modify that style sheet in DT, the markdown document doesn’t recognize those changes, unless I quit DT and restart. Is there a way to force the markdown doc to reflect the changes to its style sheet?

Thanks! (This is probably one of those easy “in the manual” questions, but I couldn’t find the answer!)

Webkit caches this information and doesn’t always refresh automatically. There is no “fix in the manual” but right-click and convert the document to HTML to see the changes. This usually, though not always, will refresh the Markdown as well when revisited.
(Trust me on this. I write long-form Markdown documents every day, and often evolve the stylesheet I’m using.)

Alas, I tried this, but the markdown (or the converted HTML even) still didn’t reflect the changes in the style sheet. Unless I quit and restart.

When you do add styles to markdown, do you keep the style sheet as a document within the DT database?

Well, at least converting to HTML will let me tweak the style sheet in my HTML/CSS editor more easily.

Make sure your change is valid. I don’t know you level of expertise with CSS, but unless it’s an obviously simple change, double-check your work and pay attention to the cascade.

Yep. Though it theoretically shouldn’t matter, I do not use the metadata header to link the CSS. I use the (still valid) link rel method.

Thanks. I’m good with CSS, and have just been using a few simple changes (e.g. h1 { font-size: 20px; } ) to try to make markdown more readable. Tried both link methods (CSS: or link/rel), with same results.

Thanks for your help. Once I have a sheet established, this sould be fine for my limited markdown use. (For all its clunkiness, I still prefer Rich Text for the majority of my note taking - I really like being able to see basic formatting immediately. Oh and better tabs!)

No problem. :smiley: