Get the URLs of multiple items at one go?


I’m trying to gather links from the See Also sheet when I add a note. I find it very helpful if I can also copy links to the actual note, like in a zettelkaten system.

I know I can get the URL of an item with the ‘Get Item Link’ command but that only works for one at a time. Is there any way that I can gather the links for three, four or more at one go? I know that I can drag to the note, but that yields links that only work within DT, ideally I’d like to get the URL x-devonthink etc…

Also, each time I click on an item in the See Also to select it just to get the link, I have to cancel it from opening the link. Is there a way to make that require a double click, for instance?

Many thanks for any advice anyone can offer



You can command- and/or shift-click to make your selection, then hold down command+option when dragging the selection into your note. The result will be a list of the names of the selected documents, with hot links to the x-devonthink URL.

You could select your note first in the list, then follow the steps above, and then finally delete the first item in the list (link to the note you are working in), but that seems like a lot of trouble. One thing it would do is keep you from having to save/abandon changes to the note before switching documents.

HI Greg and thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

However, this part

is not working for me. While the links work within DTPO they simply become a list if I send the note to any other app. I’m working in Markdown, and I’ve tried opening the resulting note in NVALt, Ulysses, MMC, BBEdit, and in each case, set to either markdown or text, there is no clickable link. Neither does it work with sending the file to HTML.

I wonder is there a setting somewhere I can change? I can’t find one.

The Idea of selecting the top note first works very well though :wink:

Thanks again for your time.

What I suggested works with Rich Text documents, I can’t think of a way offhand to make this work easily with plain text documents. Sorry!

I can think of a way that’s a little convoluted. If you do as Greg suggested and select multiple items in the See Also list, then control-click (right-click) the selection, you can use “Create Table of Contents”. That will be a rich text document listing all those selected items, with clickable links, and the links are configured wiht the x-devonthink-item:// item link. So, then convert the RTF to HTML and View > Text Alternative – the x-devonthink-item:// item links will be exposed in the HTML.

This could be automated with a script. I might write that – but not today :wink:

Edit: I forgot about Brett Terpstra’s Markdown service tools. The Convert HTML to Markdown service can be used to change the HTML to Markdown.

Hi Korm and thanks for your interest in the issue.

I’ve posted a reply over on your script post, as the issue I have may be my inability to compile as script properly.