getting a better understanding of how tags and groups work..

I’m a long time user of DT and recently got dt 2go on my iPad. I sync via dropbox. so far so good. here are a couple of things I seek help on:

  1. I seek a way to ‘tag’ a webpage or pdf on the iPad and have it flow seamlessly into a pre-existing group on my MacBookPro. does tagging (and it’s pick list that pops up) do that? or does it merely tag the item and create a new tag with the same name as the pre-existing group name?

From what I can tell, it only creates a tag.

If that’s the case, I would then, in order to file it away and be able to delete it out of the databases’s inbox and still maintain a copy in the group folder, need to manually move it to the group by the same name? is that right?

Tagging in DTTG only adds a tag to the metadata of the file. It does not doing any kind of sorting.

It doesn’t do this either. Groups and tags are distinct from one another. If you have a folder named “stuff” and apply a tag of “stuff” to a file, it merely adds a tag that coincidentally has the same name as a group.

thanks for the clarification » so is there a way to have a database hosted on dropbox have its groups popup so I can file any webpage/pdf I have on my iPad get filed into a specific group, on the front end?

Are you referring to putting your database in your Dropbox folder?

well, I am using dropbox to sync between my iPad and my MacBook » but I was referring to use the iPad’s DT2GO’s “clip to DEVONthink” option to 'file a way in a group of my choice AND have it sync over to my MacBook Pro’s inbox (which is doing nicely now) AND show up in the group of my choice, so as to be able to delete the pdf from my inbox, while knowing a copy is safely filed away in the appropriate group » I’m able to do this on the DT on the MacBook because both tags and groups pop up when I assign them after hitting the DT icon in the safari browser…

At this time, Clip to DEVONthink on iOS does not support clipping to specific groups.

thanks for the confirm.

No problem.