Getting a blank preview screen after processing a scan from Snapscan

Upgraded to DT3 (3.0.3) and modified Snapscan Home (version 1.5) to send the un-ocred PDF scan to DT3. DT3 does the ocr (searchable PDF) but now displays a blank preview screen with metadata on the side. When I click “Save” the PDF shows up normally in the database (PDF+Text). I can double click on it and the full PDF document is displayed. For some reason the text does not display in the preview screen immediately after scanning.

On the blank preview screen I found if I left click and drag the mouse across the page a series of horizontal bars appears, maybe where the text is?

Is there some setting in DT3 I’m missing to display the actual PDF in the preview screen after scanning?

Many thanks

Welcome @Brixton

No, there is no setting for this.
What operating system are you running?

Mojave, 10.14.6

Does it persist after a machine reboot?

Unfortunately, it still persists after a reboot. I’m wondering if something went south when I upgraded from DT2 to DT3. I can try deleting all of DT3 (database is on a NAS so it’s safe) and reinstall.
Will I run into a license problem if I do that?

You could test this first using a new & clean second user account (see System Preferences > Users & Groups).

Thanks for the tip!!!

Everything works perfectly in the second user account. I’ll go ahead and completely delete DT3 and do a clean install.

Deleting the preferences by entering defaults delete com.devon-technologies.think3 in the while DEVONthink 3 isn’t running might already be sufficient.

Nothing seems to work. I tried deleting preferences as you indicated, but still got the blank page after scan. So next step was to delete the app via AppCleaner. I downloaded the installer from the Devonthink website and reinstalled. Downloaded the ABBYY FineReader and tried another scan. Unfortunately still wound up with a blank page after scan. For the short term I guess I’ll guess directly scan to the database and then open each pdf separately to change the title/metadata. For the long term perhaps when I upgrade from Mojave to Catalina the problem will be fixed.

Many thanks for your help and suggestions.