Getting a Webarchive Clip of a Database Entry Behind Login

I access a database of early postwar Japanese newspaper headlines connected to what is known as the Prange archive.

If I drag/drop a firefox page with one hit in the database into DTPO I have to log in again in DTPO, after which it loads the data.

However, I want to keep a static version of the page (a webarchive) in DTPO. When I clip to DTPO in firefox using the new menu item (the keyboard shortcut of which clashes with Firebug, but you can change it for Firebug) however, and get the webarchive - I have the same problem - but now with no option to login and reload. Same problem if I clip to PDF.

What is the easiest/fastest way to get a webarchive of a database hit behind login into DTPO? Is there a way to “clip with cookie” or something? Or can I convert a loaded html page (not a webarchive) in Devonthink to a webarchive?

I’m puzzled by your references to “login”. Do you have your DEVONthink application and/or database in a different user account than the one you were using? If so, why?

To capture a WebArchive of a page being viewed in the DT browser, select the portion of the page you wish to capture (all or part of the page) and press the keyboard shortcut “Command-%” (Shift-Command-5). That also works in Safari, and perhaps in Firefox.

Another way to capture a WebArchive of the page being viewed in Firefox or Safari (into a DT Pro or DT Pro Office database) is to choose File > Save As and choose the “Inbox” place in the Finder. The WebArchive will be saved to your Global Inbox.

Hello and thanks Bill for that short cut. It gets me part of the way there and I appreciate the time you took in your reply.