Getting back to bookmarked and watched topics

I’m stumped in my click-exploration of the forum, having marked a couple of topics as “watching” and “bookmarked.” I assume I’m missing something obvious, but I’m looking for how to track these topics over time. Thanks!

track them over time in what way?

These are the tracking states for topics…

Click your personal icon in the top right and you can then choose between looking at your bookmarked posts vs alerts for watched posts:

Aha! Thank you very much @rkaplan (and @bluefrog for pursuing: I was looking for a button that said “bookmarked topics” or “watched topics” but the list under the personal icon is the equivalent, just wasn’t visible to me…)
And then I discovered the bookmark icon there also, so that’s 2 for 2: a happy camper. Cheers!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: