Getting Confluence RSS Feed to DTP

Hi everybody,
First off all I want to thank the DTP Team for the software. It is great and helped me a lot to be more organized. I‘m in the moment using it to store my documents and have them on all my devices. So my usecase was basic but know company is switching to Confluence for most of my work. So I really want to bring the sites from there to my DTP.

My first thought was to use the RSS Feed that is provided by Confluence.

The problem is that I have to authorize and I‘m not able to manage that. Maybe somebody has an idea how that could work??!!

Also every other idea is welcome.

I know that there are some topics that have similar topics but the seems older than a year and non active.

Thx in advance for any helping thoughts

I don’t use Confluence but found this Authenticate to RSS Feed.

What data do you have (e.g. email address, password or API token)?

And what have you already tried?

Thx for your answer. That was exactly the article I found. As authentication I’m using username and password. Tried to put it into the url in the style

I searched also if there is a possibility in the GUI from DTP to hand over username and password.

When I try to refresh the RSS feed the download manager shows that there is a login site in different languages but it didn‘t lead to the the RSS feed getting data.

Thx once again

Following the discussion there …

the possibility to pass username and password in the URL has been removed since it is not secure.

… so that won’t work anymore. Also found this post from 2011:

You could try to

  • create a bookmark with your URL
  • open the bookmark once in DEVONthink
  • login (if possible)

This could create a cookie (at least that happens for “normal” URLs that need authentication).

After that try to create a feed again.

If that doesn’t work you could try the same with an API token.

Thx that is a great idea. Will try it. Should I do that in DEVONthink?!

Sure, you need to login from within DEVONthink. If you’re lucky DEVONthink then automatically creates a cookie. I don’t know what happens when a bookmark starts with feed:// but you could try that too.

Thx. Okay will try that tomorrow and report back.

Thank you very much

Tried it today.
1.) Insert a bookmark
2.) opens it and logged in
3.) klicking on the Link for the rss
4.) the system asked me if I would like to open it in DEVONthink
5.) the system added a feed
6.) right Click on it
7.) click refresh feed

Nothing happens. Not even something in download manager or log.

2 things that I find interesting:

  1. I had to change something in the feed URL as there is a [projectname] in it. The brackets get displaced with I think the ASCI code. Will give a not found failure with brackets and with equivalent code (feed can not be found). Without brackets no log entry
    (If I try to open the link in Safari with brackets I get a confluence not found error and there is also a knowledge article that this is a bug and the brackets needs to be deleted)

  2. the feed url that is insert by system doesn‘t start with feed:// as expected it starts instead with https://

I‘m a little bit glueless what I could do more.

Will try following things:

1.try to get the feed in another feedreader
2. getting the infos through the building API. To be honest I was hoping that I can avoid this because I think it needs much more work

Got it :smiley:

The standard RSS Feeds that are already in Confluence prepare are for some reason not accessible. So you have to use the feed builder that is located under the question mark in the menubar at the right. Choose the things you want to have in your RSS Feed and the system will present a link. Add a new feed in DT and paste in the link and you are good to go.

It seems to be necessary that you also add a bookmark to your confluence space, open it to log in once as suggested above from pete31.

Thx again for the fast help

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