Getting DT to Recognize Renamed Database Folder

I was looking in my ~/Library/Application Support/ folder and saw an empty DEVONthink folder and a DEVONthink2 folder. All of my data was in the DEVONthink2 folder but I did not like this ‘misnamed’ folder. So I deleted the empty DEVONthink folder and renamed the DEVONthink2 folder to DEVONthink. I thought it should be simple to point DEVONthink at the more correctly named folder but I could not find how to ‘point’ DEVONthink to this new folder.

DEVONthink 2 is actually the folder used by version 2.x, version 1.x used the folder DEVONthink.

You should NOT rename Application Support folders for ANY app. Ever.
DEVONthink Personal’s App Support folder is DEVONthink 2.
DEVONthink Pro / Pro Office’s App Support folder is DEVONthink Pro 2.