Getting highlights from Kindle to DT


Searching the forums I find a few threads about this, but none are really recent. What is the best method to get highlights from Kindle into DT? I’m just occasionally using Kindle on iOS. A Kindle Paperwhite is my main reading device.


Alex Strick’s blog post is a good starting point


Thanks for the link Frederiko, very useful. :smiley:

Indeed. Thanks, Frederiko. A treasure trove of good info (and some nice things to hear about us too! :smiley: )

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There is also a dedicated app for handling Kindle clippings which might be worth investigating - Knotes- Kindle Clippings Manager


On your advice I have downloaded and now purchased this app, it works very well indeed and I am gradually working through all my Kindle books to save the notes and highlights I made into a DTPO database that I have created especially for these. Thank you Frederiko for bringing this to our attention. :smiley:

Not to be nattering, but – to be nattering – using an app like that you’ve managed to give a third party your Amazon ID, password, and the credit card that you’ve probably defined in Amazon for purchases. Just saying.

(BTW, the source domain is registered to a Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications address – not that that’s a bad thing, but the web site is a bit odd, and the “press kit” is a link to some shared directory in some Dropbox account. Trust but verify.)

Okay, thanks for putting this out.