Getting hints about similar notes

Kourosh Dini wrote was interviewed in a video where he was saying that he was able to use DT3 to read a PDF file with some thing showing him other Documents in his database they were related to the PDF file that he was looking at. I only know about the search function. This seems different. He is typing a document in DT3 and along side the document there is another window where suggestions about similar documents is his source of hints. I am not sure that I am understanding him correctly. I heard this in the context of a casual interview. I wonder if it’s something that I should be using.
Ellen Madono

Read about “See Also & Classify” on page 126 of the DEVONthink Manual (ver 3.6.2). Also in Help.

As @rmschne stated, open the inspector, and you will see a list of similar documents in the bottom pane of the inspector (its the tab second from the end in the inspector). The first document listed is the one you have clicked on in the document list.

I look at the instruction videos again.They showed me what I was missing. Thank you. Maybe the manual is a better place to look. I can read at my own pace.

Also get and read “Take Control of DEVONthink Pro” on DEVON Technologies web site. Both are well-written and outstanding guides. I personally find greater value in these documents than any video I’ve seen. Just my two bits.