Getting iCloud back in Sync

And KeepIt is also not doing the same thing as DEVONthink :slight_smile:

That’s not really very helpful.

You sell a product that is stated as working with iCloud and it clearly has issues.

You seem confident you know it’s apple’s issue so why are you selling a product that has rather large known bug ?

In understand your point of view. While Bear and Co, are synching single files, and maybe a few dozens of them, the sync mechanism of DEVONthink is meant to synchronize hundreds of thousands of files. Something that iCloud does not seem to work well with. We are working hard to improve this but where iCloud falls short there is little we can do except for recommending something more reliable, like Dropbox, a WebDAV service, or direct connections.

So are you saying that that it’s the number of files which determines whether iCloud sync will work or not? I have 965 items in Keep It which all sync without problem. This is, admittedly, nowhere near the number of files I have syncing with DT3 via the local network and Dropbox, but at least it works.

In what way, relevant to this iCloud sync problem?

As we’re not iCloud’s developers we can just make assumptions from the outside. Our assumptions that iCloud, how it is constructed, is suited for transporting single files but seems to be less reliable when you throw thousands of files at it. It is highly asynchronous so sometimes it just needs time, for example.

DEVONthink is syncing via a sync store on iCloud CloudKit while Keep It syncs to iCloud Drive. That’s why you can see Keep It’s folder structure in the Finder or, and no such capability exists for DEVONthink databases.

Having said that, I hope the developers are taking a close look at how Keep It works with respect to iCloud storage, as it basically works as indexing one big iCloud Drive folder and all its contents. That provides the ability to work with the folder on iOS, which is not possible with DEVONthink to Go as it has no direct support to work with indexed content.

DEVONthink To Go cannot use indexed folders but it presents its own database as file provider and so makes it accessible from anywhere on iOS.

I thought Keep It also communicates with iCloud directly using CloudKit and has done ever since it transitioned from its older app “Together”? But whatever the significant difference between Keep It and DT3 is, does it impact reliability? One might be forgiven for thinking it does, since Keep It doesn’t run up against these sync problems with “iCloud” (in whatever form), whereas DT3 seems to. What else can it be?

Well I wouldn’t predict any paradigm changes in the logic of the codebase any time soon!

But however this is, I should imagine I’m being sensible in staying away from iCloud syncing with DT3 for now, and sticking to local network and/or Dropbox - though I realise many others may have committed to iCloud syncing for their own reasons.

True, but DEVONthink to Go still needs to be synced for the content to be available on other devices using DEVONthink to Go. Keep It doesn’t have that limitation as there is no syncing of databases. Not that Keep It doesn’t have its own limitations, including the fact that there is one and only one database.

That’s correct. Those are exactly the differences: Multiple databases, more metadata, replicants, encrypted synchronization, …

More thoughts on iCloud and synchronizing, in this case from Apple’s own Notes:

Thank for the link. I am suffering exactly the same since my move to Catalina and activation of the new Notes.