Getting media directly from another app into DT

I use DT mainly for genealogy. I download media files (like census records) from and sync them to genealogy software on my desktop.

When I open a media file from the genealogy software, it opens in Preview. Is there anyway to save that document directly to DT, without first exporting it to my desktop, and then dragging it over? I can’t export directly to DT that I can see.

I also am unable to drag and drop the item directly from the genealogy program to DT.

If I could simply export or save from Preview directly to DT, that would work great. If that’s possible, please let me know.

What genealogy software are you using? It matters for giving a good answer.

You can always put the DEVONthink Global Inbox into the Finder sidebar and export to the Inbox. For example, in Mac Family Tree 8 we can “Save as File” and the Finder dialog opens. If the Inbox was in the sidebar then that could be the save destination. There are more sophisticated and precise approaches that involve “folder actions” which you can find instructions for in the forum.

For this purpose, Family Tree Maker. It’s the only software that currently downloads directly from Ancestry. I don’t actually use it for anything but backing up my media files.

Nevermind, I figured out the export from Preview to my global inbox, perfect! Thank you!