Getting Normal Font Format Back After a Link

Hi just started using the wiki formating. I’ve put in some text and created the link and new document. When I go back to the orginal and start typing again, it continues on in link mode. How to I get this back to normal mode, and is there a way to make that automatic? Hope that was clear enough.

nf0, I discuss the awkward process for link creation in this thread. Sounds like the idiosyncracies you’re encountering are standard behavior in this version of DT.

Check that thread, though. divine_tar left some are some helpful and practical, albeit inconvenient, workarounds for link creation.

After creating a cross/Wiki/Web link or inserting a cross link, the next release will place the cursor behind the link and it will be possible to continue typing with the previous text attributes (just added this to the latest build).

Thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure I add a space. I look forward to the new features coming up also.