Getting notes from PC into DevonThink?

Hi, I am new to the forums but for about 2 years have been using DT for research (I’m in humanities), which involves collecting all kinds of quotes, clippings and misc notes. My question is this.

Since I use both Mac and PC for work (both at home and at various research sites such as libraries and so on), what do you think is the best (i.e. the least complicated and possibly automated) way of getting various notes (possibly links and files but these are not a priority) from PC machines into my DT database on a Mac?

I thought about setting up a private blog, posting notes to it and then having the RSS feed for it in DT. I could then drag individual posts (which would be discrete notes, quotes etc.) into various folders I have set up in DT. Of course, I would then be dragging a blog post with a link and all that, not pure text, but if there’s no better solution I suppose I could live with that.

Can you think of any other, perhaps more efficient ways of doing this?