Getting ready for school

Hi, I’m new to the DEVONthink world and I had a few questions/queries to ask to the DEVONthinkers out there.

I am heading into University very, very soon and I would like to be more productive during my time there. Of course, one of the most important aspects of University are my notes.

I was recommended DEVONthink to database the notes I have taken/typed so that I have a clear way of seeing all my notes, parts of notes all depending on my preferences at that moment.

So, is DEVONthink the way to go? If so, how would I go about organizing the soon to be new knowledge to my brain?

Thanks for your input. ( in advance :smiley: )

I recommend that you purchase DevonNote, which is plenty of power for class notes and paper research, unless you plan to store many PDF files.

If that’s the case, buy DT Pro (there’s a discount for students) because it handles more file formats.

As for organization of data, you might start by creating a main file called Courses and then a sub-file within for each of the courses. Anything relevant to a course (web page, Word file, image, paper draft, etc.) just drag and drop into the appropriate folder.

In other folders, you may want to store copies of calendars, addresses, maps, and general information. You will figure out how to organize the data soon enough, and the search function will locate information for you very quickly.

Sounds very close to what I need and what I would think of doing.

I have yet to purchase this and since my budget is somewhat limited, I am thinking of other variabilities as to which product is best.

AND I want something I can grow into, in which case the DT pro with student discount sounds great. However, Filemaker is giving away a Campus Productivity Kit and I wasn’t sure if one was significantly better one way or another.

I will look into it more, thanks for your advice.

The main difference between DT Pro and any Filemaker product is that the latter is a structured database: you have to organize your data into fields and records and then enter it that way, very consistently.

To enter an address, you must place a first name in the First Name field, the last name in the Last Name field, and so on. When you want to retrieve a record, you will need to remember what names you’re seeking–and hope that you typed them correctly.

With DT, you just collect stuff regardless of its file format. If your department gives you a Word doc with student names and addresses, you drag that file into DT. To search, you ask for any word in that file and up it pops. Same goes for your lecture notes and web sites.

But free is free: try the FM kit for a while to see what I mean. You may be able to export its data later on, when you decide that DT saves more time and effort.