Getting rich text via Applescript / RTFD capture on hotkey

This is a proposed solution, not a cry for help.
Problem: Importing RTFD via Applescript for use with Quicksilver
Useful because: Allows quick, automated import of rich text into DT (preserve links &c)

Hello fellow DT users,
just today I pulled myself together and implemented some of the automations I always wanted to have.

One thing I really cherish is the ease of a one-key hotkey (Quicksilver lies on the unmodified return key. Not the enter key, mind you.) . Sadly, while it is possible to assign Quicksilver triggers calling “Add text to DevonThink”, that only grabs raw text - formatting, links etc are lost.

A quick search through the forum only turned up this thread … =rich+note, where no solution was found.

After a bit of trial and error, however, I have come up with a solution:

tell application "System Events"
	keystroke ")" using {command down}
end tell

Beautiful, isn’t it? Instead of three keys spread all over my german keyboard, I can now grab Text with a single press of F8.

The implementation was found on, all credits to them.