getting rid of the stripes in title bar?

not that this in any way affects usability of DT, but is there a setting to to disable the stripe-pattern from the title bar of DT?

The stripes are there to indicate that you are using a beta version. They will not be there in the official release version.

I am NOT using the beta (because it will expire and I do not want that while I am away from the internet)

I am using the current release of DTOP. And that has the stripes.

If you are using DTPO 2, you are using a beta version. The last non-beta release of DT is version 1.5.4.

I see, thanks.

Was not aware of using a beta. It was the version I got when purchasing. Hope the release version will be out soon.

And I hope that I purchased the 2.x version, just got the software 3 or so weeks ago…

just stumbled about that totally accidentally, seems like a very bad joke to me as a new customer :imp:

You are good with the 2.0 license. At a minimum, all license purchases since the initial December beta release of 2.0 are for the final release. I believe there was a grace period going back even longer, but I don’t recall the details.

I would not be concerned about using a beta release until the final version is released. Over the years I have found that the beta releases from DEVON have been very stable with respect to data integrity.


I am very concerned about the fact that the version will expire. When away from the internet I will have no access to the saved information (maybe I could find the .txt and .rtf and .rtfd files somewhere on my computer, but why using DT then, I could just save everything as .txt or .rtf or .rtfd right?..)

Owners of a license should be provided with a version that will not expire, or else, this problem should be pointed out clearly when purchasing so that one can save one´s money.

As a new customer, I am not at all concerned with historical DTology, I purchased the current version, which I was believing was 2.x.

The most recent beta expires July 31st. I don’t know how often you are away from Internet access, or for how long, but there is usually a new beta at least a week before the prior beta expires.

Worst case scenario, you can still access your files outside of DT if the beta expires. Locate your .dtBase2 database file(s) in the Finder and right-click to ‘Show Package Contents’. Then look in the ‘Files.noindex’ folder-that’s where all the files are stored in sub-folders organized by file type.

thanks again.

That scenario is what I meant by:“maybe I could find the .txt and .rtf and .rtfd files somewhere on my computer, but why using DT then, I could just save everything as .txt or .rtf or .rtfd right?..” in my previous post.

Next time I will be away this summer, it will be for 3 weeks and I will be needing the downloaded info.

Maybe one should just quit using software like DT alltogether (no pun intended) and use folders and spotlight, oh well…

Beru: Send an email to the support address explaining your problem and the potential period when your beta will expire when you’ll have no internet access.

The DT team is extremely helpful and sensitive to such issues. I’m sure something will be worked out that will be to your liking, and it will impress you with the DT team’s commitment to customer care.

Send an email to:

well, thanks for the suggestion and contact information, I just wrote to them and will report back.

All releases of DT Pro Office 2.0 have been identified as public beta releases, on the download site and in online Help. The expiration of each beta release is documented.

Is there an advantage to registration during the public beta period? Yes, daily limitations on mail archiving and OCR are removed by registration.

The expiration data of public beta 5 is 31 July, 2009. Another release will be posted prior to that expiration date. If you are online and have set Preferences > Updates to check for an update, when it is found you will be notified and given the option to have it automatically downloaded and installed for you.

I can understand your concern about the possibility of being on travel without online access during the time window including posting of the next release and the expiration of the currently installed release.

But that concern isn’t as serious as it might appear. DEVONthink does not hold your files hostage.

If you do an export of all the content of your database (Select All in the Split view, then choose File > Export > Files & Folders and save to a new Finder folder) prior to the expiration date of the installed version, your files will be completely available to you in the Finder folder into which the export was made, with your database organizational structure and with all files in their native filetypes. You need not be online to do this, and it will work through the listed expiration date of the installed release.

Suppose you had not done that, the installed beta had expired, and you could not get online to download the replacement release. Have you lost all access to your data? No.

OS X allows you to reset your computer’s date/time clock. In an emergency, set the date (System Preferences > System - Date & Time) to a date prior to 31 July. Now you can launch the expired beta and have full access to your databases, including the ability to export the files as noted above. Note: I don’t recommend leaving the date set incorrectly in this way, as incorrect dates will be set by other applications when files are saved, which could get confusing. But as an emergency access to databases, this works.

I paid for a beta version that will expire, peroid.

so you basically say there is no point in using DT anyway? :open_mouth:

the STRUCTURE of the data is hold hostage indise DT. That is the point of using DT: creating some form of structure, otherwise it is better to use the finder and save me from the trouble to use and pay for this DT beta.

furthermore, the folders with the data you are referring to might be of useful structure to DT but not for a human or even the finder. endless trees with just numbers as names.

I also use notes with links to other documents inside DT, this information cannot be used when DT does not start up (i.e. while the beta is expired and I am offline) because the links do not work (I actually tested that).

I have patiently been waiting for a real reply to my email to the support, but did not get any yet, just the info that the president is away on holiday until 7.6.09.

I paid for a beta version that will expire, peroid.

I am just back in the office, working through a huge pile of email. When are you out of Internet access so that you could run into the necessity to update your copy but you could not? Please send me a direct message with your email address so that I don’t reply to the same question twice :slight_smile:

your support email did not provide any information/help in this regard at all.

now it is july, soon the current version will expire, so where is the new beta, or even better, the real product I paid for? any news? :imp:

I am quite confident there will be a new beta or GM release prior to the expiration of the previous beta. The DEVON folks have done this successfully tens of times in the past; perhaps you should mellow out a bit. It must truly be awful to have such reading comprehension; I almost pity you.


We will provide a new beta before this expiration period is over and we will make changes to the process so that you should not run into the expiration date too quickly again.

I’ve run into the expired beta while away from the Internet (v4 to v5) and went into panic mode too.

From a curiosity standpoint, what is the reason for locking users out of beta X on a certain date? Is it an anti-piracy reason (betas floating around the net?) Is it to force legit users to be using the latest version?

Is there a way for DT to code a grace period into the beta expiration date. If you aren’t online and the beta expires, let you use it for 3 more days or something. I do (and I did) have my updates set for daily and I still missed the v5 update. I’ve now put an iCal reminder to force me to check for update incase the daily update misses it again.

The reason is simple: The public beta versions have (except for the regular DEVONthink Pro Office restrictions such as 20 OCR runs a day) no other restriction. No time bomb, no crippled features, nothing. You can use them for free because they’re still in beta. And so we have to make sure to remove all public betas floating around when the final release arrives. But, as said, the next public beta release will be more graceful.