Getting RSS Feeds

For some reason I’m just not getting it. How do I get RSS feeds into DTPro? For example, I click on RSS in the URL field of Google News. I then get the page with the news on it. I can drag that URL into DTP but what then? Will it keep updating as new news becomes available?

Any help appreciated.


If you haven’t looked at the tutorial file there is an explanation of how to set up RSS.

Thanks, dorich. That’s what I did and seem o be having trouble, at least with Google News. All works as it should according to the manuel (and your note), but when I actually select the URL, the DT browser looks like it’s working, but nothing appears in the browser window.

Anyway, I decided to use an RSS reader instead (NewsFire)

Thanks again.

P.S. I used to work in Fremont, at The Learning Company, right next door to LogiTech.

Hi Martin:

If you want to take one more look at this I suggest you open the information for the “note” that holds the URL. When I created a Google news feeder it didn’t work at first because my paste did not remove the original text. Once I corrected that I was able to receive the Google Business list without any problems. As I’m writing it occurs to me that its easier to look at the URL in the built in browser and make sure that is pristine.

OT: What were you doing at The Learning Company?

Best Regards,
Richard Bullen

Thanks, Richard, I’ll give it a try.