Getting started with Devonthink To Go

I finally got around to downloading DTTG onto my iPhone 6 Plus. I’d like to have my DBs on my phone for reference purposes. I want to sync using Dropbox. So I open the iOS app and look at Quick Start ->WebDAV or Dropbox and the first thing it says is:

“Choose a sync store name and a password, adjust your options.
Create a sync location for the service of choice on one side.”

I have absolutely no idea what that means; how and where do I choose a sync store and how do I create a sync location for the service of choice on one side (I’m assuming in my case that “service of choice” means Dropbox).

Could someone get me started here? I don’t even know how to begin trying to find this info on my own.

Sorry to be so dumb, and thanks in advance.


Are you Syncing a Mac with this Dropbox account?

I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that. Yes, an iMac running macOS High Sierra.

I’m just starting Devonthink and had to do the same setup on both my IPad and Mac

I chose the location; Dropbox
I chose a filename; Devonthink (cleverly original)
I chose a password; aaaaaaaaa

You will see an folder created in your Dropbox. Devonthink uses this for data sync packages