Getting Started with Plugins and Help

I wanted to get started by creating some plugins for my company intranet and was looking for a couple of items.

  1. Is there a “Getting Started” type guide that could give me a introduction on how to create DA plugins?

  2. At the moment I think my search needs are pretty simple, one is reference Microsofts SharePoint (surely someone has done this already) and the other is to execute search strings


example/Prod/Search/Search.aspx … tato+Skins


I was looking at this below example and it looks pretty straight forward basically to change the URL string to my examples above. What I’m trying to figure out is what do I need to put in the search string in order to pick up my DA search variables and where can I find out the mappings to some of the other variables listed below? (i.e LinksNotMatching, LinkdsEnd, or .google. etc)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Description This DevonAgent plugin, after modifications, will use your Google Custom Search Engine (or for short GCSE) that contains sites you selected. EncodingUrl UTF-8 EngineUrl Identifier Info My Google Custom Search Engine Plugin 1.0 CC 2009 Friar.OP LinksEnd br clear="all"/ LinksNotMatching *q=cache:* *.google.* LinksStart Custom Search Name My GoogleCSE 1 OffsetPerPage 100 ParseLinks ResultsPerPage 100 Start 0 Version 1.0

The upcoming release will include both a tutorial and an assistant/editor to easily create plugins. Just wait a few more hours :wink: