Getting Started

Bill (and others),
I’ve found your descriptions of your database and workflow in other threads very helpful. Do you have any “getting started” suggestions? I have a large folder with a book subdivided into chapters with pdfs, notes, multiple versions, and “other relevant stuff.” Another folder has my research library, mostly with webarchives and pdf files. Another teaching over the years with syllabi, assignments (with variations), and more stuff.
In DevonThink, I have the remains of my Onfolio collection (websites) and a Safari folder (which seems to be growing without much intervention from me). However, I also have a “test file,” which initially was just a a collection of word and other documents imported, but has also gotten a bit organic and has files that don’t seem to be anywhere else on my computer.
Do you recommend “pre-organizing” on my computer and then when things are tidy, putting them into DevonThink? Should I INDEX my word documents and IMPORT everything that is not Microsoft? If I do the latter (which amounts to just throwing everything in), will order emerge automatically (and mysteriously)?

I prefer to drop almost everything in DT since it’s much easier to organize in DT. I set it to import everything and if I need to link without importing, I’d just hold command-option while dropping files/folders onto DT window. Then try to play with the search window (command-shift-f), use labels and comments, and experiment with different view options. These help me wading through junks. And being a keyboard-shortcut junkie will help you work faster.

For serious database-ing I recommend DT Pro (assuming you’re using PE) since it has multiple database capability, more file types, and scriptable. My wet dream is DT Pro can open more than 1 db at a time and linking between db’s. I still use my copy of DT PE, btw, for scrapbook and storing some urls.

Thanks, pg. I do have DTPro, and I’ll work on your suggestion (although probably by indexing instead of importing to keep the db size small). I’ve also found a number of threads that were also helpful, and started a group of “Forum Hints” that seem likely to be useful now or in the near future. I keep the group in my main database, where I’ve also imported the DevonThinkPro tutorial, the manual and anything else that might help. Without doubt, this forum has been the mosst valuable source of help on DTPro.