Getting Things Done vs. Devon?

Does anyone know how to combine the GTD method of Dave Allen with Devon Think pro? Are there samples I can have a look at to get inspired?



You can download sample databases from the Devon Technologies website, one of which is a sample of using DT for GTD.

My view is not to try to use one app for every part of the flow. I use iCal for the “Calendar” part, DT for the “Reference” part, and Tinderbox for all the other bits.

If you don’t want to buy a pro-level app like Tinderbox to do this, there are platoons of others available, such as iGTD and Actiontastic.

A recent issue of Time magazine summarized the GTD system in several ways. One sidebar gave a useful tip: divide your To Do list into three areas: Act On, Read and Review, and Waiting For. (For color-coders, Green, Yellow, Red.)

Within Devon Note, I created a To Do folder and the three sub-folders, then moved notes, files, and URLs to the folders. I check them each day, move them around as needed, and trash the completed tasks. … 23,00.html

There are also some GTD scripts on the site from someone who used DT for GTD. I’m a fan of GTD, but I like it separate from everything else. Being able to have only one DT database open at a time makes this kind of use impossible.

I use actiontastic which is really good, and free! It has a quicksilver module, integrates with iCal, as well as your iPod.

I’m interested to see what omnifocus will be like.

There are also GTD workflows for Mori which look quite good. My humble opinion is that actiontastic is the best on the Mac right now.

I’m presently working with iGTD as my task master.

DTPO is my depository of knowledge. I’d like to be able to link the two.

Basically, some data I have in DTPO, I’d like to create a hyperlink that I can attach to a task in iGTD, so when I click the iGTD task link, DTPO would come forward with the data showing.

Is this possible?

Terry, not possible now, but the DT developers have said elsewhere in the forum that this will be part of DT 2.

Good enough. iGTD is still developing as well.