Getting two files per scan

I’m not very experienced in the power available with Devon Think and ScanSnap Manager. On my previous iMac I had a set up that worked very well for two years. I’ve been unable to replicate that set up.

Somewhere back in DTP 1.x, I installed it with the ScanSnap scanner and its manager. The manager had predefined Profiles. I also had Paperless from Mariner installed as well as NeatWorks. I have yet to re-install NeatWorks since I used it least of all. That may be the key. Profiles for all three applications were preinstalled at some point in ScanSnap Manager and I had to do nothing but use them as is. I think I may have made tweaks at times especially for the profiles for other uses.

Right now, I have profiles for iPhoto, Standard, and DevonThink. I made that third by adding DevonThink as an app and creating a profile for it.

When I scan a document, on the old setup, one pdf document would end up either in my global Inbox or sometimes in the Inbox of my primary Database.

Now, scanning acts the same in the steps I perform (put the doc in the scanner tell it to scan [either the button on the scanner or the right button menu on the ScanSnap dock icon], tell it to finish when it has read the document. A PDF file (non-searchable) appears in the global Inbox. Then a dialog comes up, as it used to, asking for the title, subject, author, tags and notes. I enter the info. Now a second document with the given title appears and which is a searchable PDF.

When I am done, both documents are in the global inbox. One has a generic name such as scan-001.pdf and the other has the title I entered in the dialog.

Anyone know how I could get it set up the way it was before? If not, anyone know how to have it not keep the raw scanned pdf file but only the one that has been OCR’ed with a title and tags?



PS., as far as I’ve seen, if I use Print PDF -> DevonThink Pro, I get just a single document which is a searchable PDF with tags, etc. So it is only when I scan that I’m seeing this difference.


In DEVONthink Pro Office > Preferences > OCR check the “Original Document: Move to Trash” box to eliminate the non-OCR’d PDF:

I thought that too. But I have Convert to searchable PDF checked under OCR and I have checked Move to Trash. I scanned a one page text document. The global inbox has the original PDF and the Searchable PDF in it. I did it with two other documents and in every case I get two files. One with the generic formatted name and the other with the title I gave it in the dialog that popped up, The trash was empty before doing this and remains empty until I deleted the unwanted scans.

I looked through the entire preference dialog and did not see any option besides the two I noted as checked above the appeared pertinent. Any ideas?



Make certain that in ScanSnap Manager you haven’t set the Save tab in Settings to save the scanner output to ‘Inbox’. If that’s done, the file is sent immediately to Global Inbox and can’t be found by the routine that attempts to delete the original PDF after OCR. (Other problems are also possible if Inbox is the Save tab choice.)

Thank you. That was it. In the ‘old’ setup I probably left everything in the default mode which would have worked. But something setup the Scan to DevonThink then. So it was during doing that manually, the I created most of the problems.

Thanks again.