Giant Font

After using DN for a couple of weeks, it mysteriously made all the notes into a very large font. When I paste to a note it also comes up as a very large font. I can shrink them to reasonable size using command -, but when i use the font panel and click on size 12 it comes out much larger. even size 9 is quite large and requires manual shrinking. Can anyone help me with this annoying problem? thanks emb

When I’m writing notes I use 12-point type. But as that’s a bit small to view I use the command Control-Command-Up Arrow (larger) or Down-Arrow (smaller). These commands work for all document types in your database, including PDFs and images.

A document ‘remembers’ the view setting you established. The view setting is independent of the font size, i.e. doesn’t affect the font size setting.

I suspect that’s what you are seeing. Just use Control-Command-Down Arrow to bring the viewed size down to a more reasonable level. :slight_smile:

First, please check that your database is fine via Tools > Verify & Repair. Afterwards check the default fonts for plain and rich texts (see preferences). Finally, you could the preferences (com.devon-technologies.note.plist) and check if that makes a difference.

Thanks to both of you. I verified and repaired–it said no repair was necessary. I checked the font sizes in preferences thare are at georgia 12. I threw out the preferences. when I open a new rtf, the font is still much larger than 12. It is convenient to use control command down arrow, so that is what i am doing as a work-around. I am open to any other suggestions, thanks again emb

I would check your font cache, there may have been something related to it messed up. The regular cleaning tools can flush it I think.

For what it is worth, it seems now that my problem may be coming from my confusion between zoom in/out and font size +/-. When I zoom to the best size on a new rft note and adjust other notes with the font size, things seem to stabilize. I will continue doing this. I wonder if others have had this confusion? thanks for your thoughtful responses. emb